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Self-Watering Pot No. 2 "Domino"

Self-Watering Pot No. 2 "Domino"

My cistern series of pots are "self watering" -- they have a cotton rope that acts like a straw to the lower water resevoir that helps keep the soil evenly moist. It's great for thirsty plants as it will continue to keep them wet through hot days or if you forget to water.


This version of my self-watering pot features the iconic script taken directly from the famous Domino Sugar sign here in Baltimore. I made it myself from a photo of the sign and some 3D modeling wizardry!


Size of pot: 4.5"x4.5" opening, 5.5" tall.


Comes with a length of cotton rope. Spread out the tattered fibers of the rope within your soil for maximum moisture control. You can either top water and the excess water will drain into the resevoir, or you can bottom water through the little chute on the side. This pot is not recommended for succulents; they'll be soaked to death!


This listing is for the exact pot seen in the images.

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